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Guild News and Diary of Events

Guild News


NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF THE DECISIONS BY THE DIRECTORS AT THE MEETING OF THE BOARD ON THE 11TH December 2018. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by the Board John Kneeshaw has been co-opted until the next AGM as the Guild President following a poll of the Council. Budgets for 2019/20 will be prepared for the next meeting of the Board in February. The You Tube site has been approved by the Board. The Boards positive reasons which were discussed for trailing a reviewable period of pro-active balanced moderation, i.e. To improve the tone of the constructive debate, remove obsolete historical themes, and try to improve the ‘metrics of members forum participation, yet at all times welcome constructive feedback. Additional Forum Managers have been appointed and the areas of Question to Management and Guild Talk will have additional moderation and those breaching the forum rules on more than three occasions will have their access removed. A Traders section on the forum has been rejected by the Board and their reasoning’s will be published to all members of their decision and the better management of the forum going forward will be put on the web. The reintroduction of the area called Waiting Room has been referred to the Council as it is their current policy not to have this section. The Guild Facebook page will remain as present and not move to be given group access due to the amount of monitoring this would require. The new structure for the Management of the Guild will be put to the membership with revised Articles and Rules, following Council acceptance of the MRT suggested structure. Advice on the proxy voting notice which is included at the back of the Annual report will be revised in line with legal advice being received. The full minutes will be put onto the Web site following the draft being accepted by those attending the meeting. Guild Secretary.

Guild President

Guild President The Guild Council is very pleased to be able to announce that John Kneeshaw has been invited to accept the role of Guild President from now until the AGM in 2019. John has accepted this invitation and his appointment was ratified on December 11th. It has the unanimous approval of Board and Council. The vacancy was created in November when Sandy Harper announced that he would be standing down. Many of you will be aware of John as a previous Gazette Editor, as the elected Publications Chair, and as the Guild’s Vice-Chairman. More recently John has been active as a Guild Internet Forum Manager. I am sure that you will join us in welcoming John to the Board and Council. Mike Bragg Guild Chairman

Revised income and expenditure accounts

Revised income and expenditure accounts for the year ending 28 February 2018. See accounts page link below

Resume of recent Guild management discussions

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