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Headline: Website has now been updated

News / event text: Gauge 0 Guild website update The web site update is complete. The purpose of this is twofold. Firstly to make the home page and the related introduction page much more inviting to potential new members by advertising what the Guild offers and showing selected examples of what members have achieved. Secondly to make the whole site responsive to an increasing range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, lap tops, PCs, Macs etc as well as all popular browsers including IE 8/9/10, Edge, Chrome, Android, Safari and Firefox. In addition we have included a facility for urgent news as well as a place for messages from the Board on all pages. Access to all pages is by a menu as at present. The majority of pages will look the same with relatively minor changes but they all will be responsive to different screen sizes and more accessible to a wider range of users..

Author: Webmaster
Event Start Date: 28 December 2018
Event End Date: 10 February 2019

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