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Locomotives - diesel & electricKits%Ruston & Hornsby  Ruston 48DS kit
Locomotives - diesel & electricKits%Ruston & Hornsby  The 88DS was the largest of the chain drive Rustons, built in large numbers from the early 1950s. The earliest had an open sided cab (Not covered in this kit) but the vast majority had a fully enclosed cab. The kit covers several variations in this cab with different window frame types and a later version with larger rear windows. Other variations mainly concern the cast iron weights fitted to the buffer beams and solebars. BR owned a number of 88s, the best known being WR departmental No20 which worked at Reading signal works and lasted long enough to be painted in blue livery. Another batch of departmental 88s were built for the North Eastern region.
Locomotives - diesel & electricComponentsSuperstructure fittingsEnglish Electric Co  English Electric PNL4 pantograph - This is the pantograph from Harton 13-15
Locomotives - steamKits%Hunslet Engine Co  Hunslet 15in 0-6-0ST
Locomotives - diesel & electricKits%North Eastern  LNER/BR EB1 26510 - the rebuild of No11. This was done with a view to using the class as bankers on the Worsborough incline but before the electrification there was switched on 26510 went to Ilford to shunt the carriage sheds and remained there until 1964.