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New product entries by KS Laser Designs in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Kits% KS25-02-03DMU/Carriage Stabling Platform
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Components% KS44-01-03One side of a road or rail bridge that can span two lines or a road. The bridge side is made up of three pieces, the main arch ( spandrel ) and two buttresses. Then there are two wing walls. These come cut at 90° but you can trim them to have angle walls, see pictures for example.
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Components% KS44-01-03AAn accessory to KS44-01-03 Double Bridge which comprises of two wing walls with the opposite angles, short walls and short buttresses to run the fall length along the top. This will enable the modeller to construct an alternative style bridge and add detail to the road side.
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Components% KS44-05-03Makes a full Brick bridge which can accommodate twin tracks going over or under. It has a 210mm wide mouth and is 140mm high to the road, with 37mm walls.
SceneryGeneral BuildingsKits% KS29-01-03Shed with Windows scale 12ft x 8ft
SceneryGeneral BuildingsKits% KS29-02-03Shed with Windows 6ft x 4ft
SceneryGeneral BuildingsKits% KS29-03-03Wooden Roadside Cafe
SceneryGeneral BuildingsKits% KS29-04-03 Apex Roof Shed scale 10ft x 8ft
SceneryGeneral BuildingsKits% KS29-05-03Pent Roof Shed scale 10ft x 8ft
SceneryGeneral BuildingsKits% KS29-10-03 Platelayers Hut
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKits% KIT05-01-03Single road Pitched Roof Engine Shed
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS32-01-038' Bent Arm Fence. Eight foot fence posts with bent arm as found protecting restricted areas. The kit makes up to 1 metre in length of posts and consists of 17 posts, 1 metre of aluminium mesh and 3 metres of mock barbed wire.
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS33-02-03Single Metal Gate and Frame. A single metal style gate to complement kit KS32
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Kits% KS19-01-03Inspection Pit. This is an Inspection Pit that can be made up as 2 individual pits or 1 large pit. The pit can be made as a Steam era pit showing brick walls for the sides of the pit, or by rotating the pieces, can be made as a modern pit with concrete sides.
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS39-01-03 6ft wide 36ft long pavement with kerb stones to British Standards sizes of 3ft x 2ft and 2ft square paving slabs. Model size 252mm x 45mm (plus interlocking)
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS39-02-036ft wide 12ft by 12ft external corner pavement with kerb stones to British Standards sizes of 3ft x 2ft and 2ft square paving slabs. Model size 88mm x 88mm (plus interlocking)
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS39-03-03Paving Short Straight
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS39-04-03Paving Short Straight With Brass Manhole Cover
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% KS39-05-03Internal Paving Corner
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Kits% KS25-01-03Carriage Stabling Platform