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New product entries by Timber Tracks in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western T7BGWEFRESEXTENDED PASS THROUGH 4 ROAD ENGINE SHED - A Churchward straight four road shed, with full pass though facilities. Footprint: 1050mm x 520mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsLondon Midland & Scottish T7BLMSFRESLMS 4 ROAD ENGINE SHED - An LMS Four Road Engine Shed, based upon Coventry MPD. Footprint:approx 1050mm x 485mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsSouthern T7BSRFRESSOUTHERN RAILWAY NORTH LIGHT 4 ROAD ENGINE SHED - One of the SR 1931 sheds and based on the 10 road shed in Asford, Kent. Footprint: 1060mm x 520mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western T7BGWPWRAARLEY PLATFORM WAITING ROOM. Footprint: 145mm x 67mm.
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Kits% T7BBABRIDGE - This is suitable for use as an under or over bridge. Also, it could be built as two tunnel mouths, exit to fiddle yards etc
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western T7BGWBSHCAMERTON STATION BUILDING. Footprint: 311mm x 120mm
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)Kits% T7BCDBCATTLE DOCK B - A typical Cattle Dock seen throughout the UK. The footprint, including the steps is 500mm x 200mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western T7BGWBSLDYMOCK STATION BUILDING - Footprint: 390mm x 110mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western  T7BGWBSJISLAND PLATFORM BUILDING - designed to match Tetbury Station Building. The footprint is 494mm x 83mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsHighland Railway T7BKLESKYLE OF LOCHALSH ENGINE SHED - Footprint: 855mm x 428mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western T7BGWBSKPRINCETOWN STATION BUILDING - The footprint is 650mm x 107mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsLondon & South Western T7BGWWGSWEYMOUTH GOODS SHED - The footprint, including the two offices is 1776mm x 543mm
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Western  T7BGWPWRBDYMOCK PLATFORM WAITING ROOM - Footprint: 100mm x 76mm.
Railway infrastructureBuildingsComponents% T7SPCMACHINED BRASS PLATFORM SUPPORT COLUMNS 113MM - Machined brass columns, each 113mm long. Each bracket is supplied with two off brackets to suit.
Railway infrastructureBuildingsComponentsBritish Railways T7SNBBRBR NOTICE BOARDS.
SceneryGeneral BuildingsFittings% T7SDK25 off Lost Wax Doorknobs.
Railway infrastructureBuildingsComponentsGreat Western  T7SNBGWGWR Notice Boards.
SceneryGeneral Buildings%% T7SHOP4 off Lost Wax Hoppers. Uses 2.4mm OD. tube as rainwater piping..
Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsLondon & North Western T7BLMSSBARLEY/LNWR TYPE 4 SIGNAL BOX.
Railway infrastructureBridges & Structures (excl buildings)KitsGreat Western T7BGWCDACattle Dock A - The footprint, including the steps, is 400mm x 230mm