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Headline: Assistance needed with the E&T Service

News / event text: After 8 years of dedicated service, Kerry Baylis is retiring as E&T Manager. To date, we have not found anyone to replace him. For that reason, and in order to reduce items in stock, the E&T service is unable to accept any new collections at the present time unless arrangements are already in place. This will provide an opportunity to review the way the service works and whether it might be modernised to make more use of internet sales platforms. Any member interested in contributing to this re-design process is invited to contact the Guild Secretary, Richard Clark via the link on the Guild Contacts page. We are looking for one or more individuals to lead the existing team of experienced valuers and sales assistants delivering this popular and valuable Guild service

Author: Guild
Event Start Date: 01 June 2019
Event End Date: 08 September 2019

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