Guild officers

The Gauge O Guild is a company limited by guarantee and has a board who is legally responsible for the running of the Guild.
The council consists of the board members plus Constituency Representatives.

The board

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Regional Managers:

Northern: Derek Mundy Midlands: Chris Fry South East: Paul Honey South West: Kevin Cartwright

Constituency Representatives:

There are 14 area Constituency Representatives including one for overseas members. Their task is to provide a link between local groups and the Guild by offering help and support to encourage these groups to flourish and grow and take part in shaping Guild policy
Area 1 Scotland
Ian Kirk
Area 2 North West
Robin Taylor
Area 3 North East
Robin Taylor
Area 4 Merseyside
Derek Mundy
Area 5 Midlands
Stephen Lamb
Area 6 East Midlands
Keith Tiplady
Area 7 Eastern
Martin Long
Area 8 London
Area 9 Chilterns
Chris Fry
Area 10 South East
Paul Honey
Area 11 Wessex
Geoff Goddin
Area 12 South Wales
Steve Neill
Area 13 South West
Kevin Cartwright
Area 14 Overseas
John Drago

Other roles

E & T Manager
Kerry Baylis

Bring and buy Manager
Nigel Nelson

Gazette Editor
Philip Willis

Guild News Editor
Nick Baines

Technical Information Officer
Tommy Day

Trade Manager
Jackie Kneeshaw

Video and Slide Library Manager
Chris Simpson

Supporting roles

  •     Accountants - Kemps
  •     Archivist - Vacant
  •     Forum Moderator - John Armstrong
  •     Guild Administration – Artytype (Ade, Lesley and Kelly) - deals with Gazette distribution, membership administration.
  •     Trade Liaison Officer Sandy Gorski
  •     Solicitors – Gaby Hardwicke, Eastbourne
  •     Webmaster - Jim Hollom