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Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Locomotives - steamRTR%Great Western 111000G.W.R./B.R. 28XX 2-8-0 Ready to Run
Locomotives - steamRTR%Great Western 110000G.W.R./B.R. ''Manor'' class 4-6-0 Ready to Run
CoachesKits%Great WesternD.31121000G.W.R./B.R.(W) Clerestory Corridor Brake 3rd. D.31 (L/H Van)
CoachesKits%Great WesternE.75123000G.W.R./B.R.(W) Clerestory Corr. Composite. E.75
CoachesKits%Great WesternE.73124000G.W.R./B.R.(W) Clerestory Corridor Composite. E.73
CoachesKits%Great WesternD40125000G.W.R./B.R.(W) Clerestory 3-Compt. Bk.3rd. D40
CoachesKits%Great WesternC.17127000G.W.R./B.R.(W) Clerestory Open 3rd. C.17
CoachesKits%Great WesternC20128000G.W.R./B.R.(W) Clerestory 51' Corr. 3rd. C20
WagonsKits%Great WesternO.46237000G.W.R./B.R. 31'' Insulated 6-wh. Sausage Van. Dia.O.46
CoachesKits%Southern2655 Maunsell 1st Class Kitchen/Diner
CoachesKits%Southern2659 Maunsell 1st Class Kitchen/Buffet