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Non-passenger coaching stockKits%British Railways OCK001TPO Post Office Sorting (POS) - Kit contains etched brass overlays to convert a Lima O Gauge MK 1 coach to a MK 1 Post Office Sorting (POS) Travelling Post Office (80356 - 80395 series). POSs are used by Royal Mail to transport and sort mail on the move. Late posting can be undertaken via a letterbox on each side of the vehicle. Kit contains etched brass sides, hinges, handles, 4x battery boxes and Pressure Heating equipment box.
Non-passenger coaching stockKits%British Railways OCK002Re-railing Coach ADB975477 - Kit contains etched brass overlays to convert a Lima O Gauge MK 1 coach to a MK 1 Re-railing Equipment coach. ADB975477 is part of the Breakdown Train Unit (BTU) and is used as a staff accommodation coach during re-railing work. Kit contains etched brass sides, hinges, handles handrails and striplights
CoachesComponentsOther body components externalBritish Railways K1009 Flashing Tail Lamp Kit - The kit is probably the most realistic answer to adding a flashing tail lamp to the end of your stock. No unsightly LEDs glued on to the back of your train, but a realistic BR style tail lamp. For coaches and wagons, the kit features a cast prepainted Springside tail lamp, fibre optic and the electronic components. A 9v (PP3 type) battery and limited soldering ability is needed to complete. Kit includes full instructions and diagrams. Battery not included.
FinishesTransfers%% TFG001 Pre-Varnished Waterslide Transfer Paper - 216 x 279mm sheet of pre-varnished Waterslide Transfer Paper. Use to convert rubdowns to waterslide or use to create you own transfers by painting directly onto the paper and varnishing. The Waterslide Transfer Paper is not suitable for Inkjet Printers, due to the water based nature of the inks.